Hollie Hearts North East Wedding Blogging (Again!)

Hello dearest readers!

I have taken a leave of absence recently to pursue, well…my life! As a recent graduate with a lovely 2:1 under my belt the last four weeks have changed my life forever. It has been a hard couple of weeks which I’m sure any graduate will tell you, the fear and expectations that fall upon our ‘well educated’ shoulders is ever increasing.

I do love weddings and everything about weddings from the simple idea of getting married to reading about brides who spend hours on the little details and wish to continue this blog on a recreational basis!

One BIG BIG HUGE life event that has happened to me is….wait for it…..


I can’t believe it either, literally got a job offer 3 weeks after my graduation which is amazing. All North East graduates out there, please persevere, the world can be a kind place!!! Working in Newcastle means I’ll be sticking to my Northern roots and hopefully setting up home with my lovely Mr. K very soon!

So less about me and more about this blog that I love so much.

I want to keep blogging and bringing lots of glorious wedding inspirations to you gorgeous readers. However, as I do struggle with blogging 2 or 3 times a week I am going to use my Sunday afternoons to really WOW you guys with some great posts.

So this is my Hello Again. I will be back on the North East Wedding Blog scene on the 16th September.

Oh and here’s a pretty picture I found:)

north east wedding blog


See You Soon!!

Hollie xxxx

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Hollie Hearts Etsy ~ My Top 10 Etsy Wedding Finds

Happy Sunday Readers!

I hope you are all well and enjoying your weekend, although it maybe coming to an unfortunate end, we still have the rest of today to enjoy and here at HHW I have some little bundles of Etsy joy to share.

What I love about the website Etsy is that you can directly source amazing hand crafted goodies that radiate love that comes from every single maker. Etsy seems like more than a business, it is a fabulous marketplace where brides and grooms can source personalised, vintage, hand crafted and unique pieces that can really contribute to the finer details of your big day.

So if you are planning a wedding or simple researching for that wedding you may have someday very soon, here are my top 10 Etsy finds that can add a little magic to your wedding day!

The Dress

etsy bridal wedding dress


The Veil

etsy wedding veil


The Rings

etsy wedding ring


The Bridal Accessory

etsy wedding shoe clips


The Bouquet

Etsy Flower Bouquet


The Invitations

etsy wedding invitations


The Cake

wedding cake forks personalised


The Decor

etsy wedding decor


The Favors

Wedding favors


For The Dog Lover

Etsy dog


Much Love

Hollie xxxx

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Hollie Hearts Presents Much ADo About Muffins – North East Wedding Vendor Feature

Hello my lovely readers.

I am back in force today with a little post about a local cake company that I have recently discovered, who are making some extremely pretty cakes.

A wedding cake is one of the more delicious wedding staples and choosing the right one is a creative way to show off your collective style as a couple. We love supporting local vendors so here’s another to show how much our region has to offer!

Much Ado About Muffins is owned and ran by Kathryn Hardy who has some major skills when creating intricate and innovative cakes, muffins and cupcakes for any special occasion.

Kathryn tells us about her lovely company…

‘I come from a printing background and was the Production Manager for a large printing company for over 25 years. Cooking was always a way to relax, but baking had always been a passion. I have always given edible gifts, but when the cupcake craze hit, I started to experiment with new flavours, testing them on a very willing workforce!’

‘Soon people started to ask me to bake for them, it started with just friends, then friends of friends, before I knew it I was baking two or three times a week to keep up with demand.’

north east wedding cupcakes

north east wedding cakes

 ‘We create bespoke wedding cakes, muffins and cupcake towers as well as celebration cakes and catering. Our designs are as original as our clients. We were awarded 5 stars from Stockton Council for excellence in hygiene. Much Ado offers a complete service if required from invitations to cakes and catering.’

north east wedding cake

Much Ado about Muffins

 ‘We source produce from local businesses whenever possible. We use their Fruits, Vegetables, Milk, Butter & Cheeses. We only EVER use local Free Range Eggs. We use Fair Trade Chocolate, Cocoa, Sugar & Fruit. We are sure  that the quality of our ingredients shines through into our produce. We attend regular farmers markets and have a regular customer base. We encourage customers to place orders before our events, we pack and box their orders, ready for collection.’

monochrome cupcakes

north east cakes

north east wedding cakes

north east wedding cake

north east wedding cakes

Most Recently, Much Ado has introduced Cupcake Decorating and Pamper Parties, suitable for children and adults alike. Tuition is given to each person and you even get to take your creations home!’

‘At Much Ado, we are passionate about our local area and it’s businesses. Stockton needs a helping hand. If smaller businesses were to join forces and help each other more, I am confident that the outcome would be a positive
change of direction for Stockton and it’s surrounding areas.’

north east wedding cakes

north east wedding cakes

‘We love our work, every single item is made with the greatest attention to detail. We listen to our clients and give them exactly what they want, striving to make their event as memorable as it can possibly be.’

Stockton Wedding Cakes

There we have it guys, some stunning cakes all made by hand, crafted with love by the wonderful team at Much Ado About Muffins. If you have any requests or enquires about these fabulous cakes then you can contact Kathryn at:

Much Ado About Muffins 

Unit 11, Stockton Business Centre
Brunswick Street
Stockton on Tees
TS18 1DW
Mobile: 0771 7138186

I will be back Sunday for a little catch up post with some more delectable inspiration for those North East Weddings!!!

Much Love,

Hollie xxxx

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Tuesday Style: Take Pink From Girly to Glam!

Good Morning  my gorgeous readers!

Oh this past week has been CRAZY! I thought finishing university would mean life would give me a tiny break but hence I was soo wrong!

To make up for my absence I have a little dose of summer style for you all! The high street has some absolutely swoon worthy clothes and accessories that are totally in our real life price range {on payday at least!}

I am by no means the girliest girl in the North East however I can’t help but cling on to that little bit of summer we have seen and loving these pastel shades of the pink stuff which won’t totally break the very fragile bank. {Although the Charlotte Olympia’s might try!}

Summer Wedding Outfit

Sources: Elie Saab Perfume, Warehouse Dress, Wear With Love Earrings, Charlotte Olympia Shoes, Miss KG Shoes and Nails Inc. Nail varnish.

Much Love

Hollie xxxx

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Bridal Traditions: The Garter

Good Morning beautiful people!

I hope you are all well and not too fed up with this god-awful weather {there is a ball of fire up there somewhere}. Investing in a decent umbrella this week {my Primark ‘Special’ was failing me dismally} was not the summer staple that I was hoping of buying!

This week I have made a pact {with myself which is weird but necessary} to bring you lovely readers, who I value so much, more fabulous helpings of wedding inspiration. I will start this week with a discussion on a wedding tradition that origins and availability for brides alluded me, until I began researching this little post.

The Bridal Garter

‘Bridal garters are one of the oldest wedding traditions to have stood the test of time when other traditions have been long forgotten. Remaining a significant part of bridal attire, bridal garters are thought to bring luck and fortune to the happy couple.’ ~ Source

The bridal garter can be described as a small band of material worn by the Bride around her thigh, usually made from lace and ribbon although to some mean so much more. Is this tradition still alive {do people still want to wear garters?} and has it become more of a fashion statement than a meaning maker?

‘The tradition of brides throwing their bridal garters is thought to date back to 14th century England when wedding guests believed owning a piece of the brides wedding dress would bring good luck. The brides dress was literally tore at and so, to keep the dress …Sometimes the male guests would become rowdy and attempt to remove the garter from the bride themselves so it became custom for the groom to remove the bridal garter’ ~ Source

I find it amazing that a fourteenth century British tradition has stood the test of time and been moulded into a beautiful way for brides to express their wedding style. Bridal traditions are such an integral part of most modern weddings and the garter is one of the more intimate ways of keeping these traditions alive.

I have found five very different garters that show just exactly how time has changed this tradition from very traditional to the super geeky! Which one is your favorite??

The Traditional One 

North East Bridal Garter

The Jeweled One

North East Bridal Garter

The Something-Blue One

North East Bridal Garter

The Geeky One

Geeky Bridal Garter

The Practical One

North East Hip Flask Garter

Although these are interesting and pretty examples of wedding garters it does raise the question of whether a garter is really such an important wedding accessory for modern brides?

Do North East brides want to wear a garters?

What does it mean to you and would you wear one?

I would love to hear your thoughts… I’m not too sure where I stand on this tradition but resisting some of the most pretty garters will prove hard when it comes to my wedding day!

I will be back on Tuesday for more Wonderful Wedding Ideas!

Much Love,

Hollie xxxx

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Holiday Over, I’m Getting My Blog Back On!

Hello my lovelies, I have returned from my overly relaxed {over-indulged much?} holiday and am ready to get back on the wedding blog bandwagon!

I will be returning on Friday with some new content for you all to enjoy. My blog schedule will stay at Tuesday and Friday with one of these dominated by gorgeous images that I have found over the week that should inspire you as much as they do me!

The other post will be a discussion post focusing on a variety of different wedding topics such as tradition, flowers, venues, favours, decor {oh the list is endless}! Amongst these I will be featuring more North East Wedding Vendors and have announcements of wedding related events around the area that offer amazing vendors all in one amazing setting.

I will be trying extra hard to bring you lovely readers some interesting content on a regular basis so come back on Friday for a post that will focus on some interesting twists on tradition!!

Here’s a little photo that made me smile!

North East Wedding Blog

Source: Brancoprata Blog

See you all Friday!

Much Love,

Hollie xxxx

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See you Soon!

Hello Guys!

I am officially on holiday as of today and I think I’m definitely in need of some  R&R. I regretfully inform you all that I am going to be giving up blogging for a week for all inclusive cocktails and some Tunisian sunshine.

hammamet beach

I will be back and ready to take my blog to the next level with impoved content and am working together with a former university friend on some new branding so very exciting!

So I will see you all in a few days hopefully with a healthy glow and not with some added pounds {I’m definitely not promising anything!} 

Bon Voyage,

Hollie xxx

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Blog Reschedule But Don’t Panic!!!

Hello Lovely People,

Today I have a little announcement to make in relation to my blogging schedule, I will be writing blog posts on a Tuesday and a Friday from now on. I’m thinking quality rather than quantity to bring you guys some bigger, better and more beautiful posts.

Suggestions Please!!!

I will be writing more topical wedding posts about issues that interest my readers so I would love any suggestions. If you have anything you would like to see on here then drop me an email at holliebearpark@hotmail.co.uk.

The same applies if you are a North East Vendor, I would love to create more posts supporting the North East Wedding Industry.

I also plan to get a selection of photographers on board to bring you Real Weddings which will give couples an opportunity to share their big day with the world as well as inspiration for you wedding gawkers out there! If you have a wedding you would like to submit please don’t hesitate to contact me!

It a goal of mine to make this blog something that will enable me to learn more about the North East Wedding Industry every day. I am hungry for wedding knowledge and am passionate about making this a career.

I also want to share with you  some fantastic news, I am now the proud owner of a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Advertising and Media Studies from Northumbria University. So I will be donning my cap and gown for a potentially very emotional graduation day on the 17th July {I will upload some proof in due course}. I managed a fabulous 2:1 so could not be more happy with how much my life has changed in the last three years.

I want to give a BIG/HUGE/MAHOOOSIVE thank you to every single friend I have ever made at university for making them the best years of my life so far!

There are some amazingly big plans for the future and I hope my career in the wedding industry will grow into something fantastic…I honestly can’t wait!

This means that my posts are going to be bigger and better so I hope you will all enjoy them as much as I will!!

Last little note… I will be jetting off on holiday on Sunday till the following Sunday so I will schedule a little something for Tuesday and Friday for everybody to enjoy!

Much Love,

Hollie xxxx

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Rustic Country Chic: The Inspiration

Good Morning my lovelies!

I regrettably had to miss a blog post yesterday due to illness {poorly me} however this fine Tuesday morning I have for you all an inspiration board that I have been cooking up for you all to enjoy. This theme has to be my favorite, I linked you all the most amazing wedding I have seen to date {link here if you missed this gorgeous couple}. Their mixture of rustic country chic bringing the great outdoors, indoors to influence every aspect of their beautiful wedding day.

I love the outdoors, the countryside inspires me {even though I live in one of the liveliest cities in the North!} and would love to return their in my later life. I thought I would bring this love of the great outdoors to you all through some stunning wedding images that I have discovered over the last week. Taken from my favorite wedding blogs which are linked below for your pleasure and these images have been lovingly put together in this little inspiration board. I hope you like it!

Sources: Wedding Dress, Flowers, Shoes & Chair, Picnic Basket, Table Dressing, Boat and Bottles.

Would you consider a rustic themed wedding? Rustic charm has become a major trend in the wedding world, I love it but it isn’t for everyone. I would love to know what you think!

I will be back on Friday this week for a final blog post for about 10 days as I am off on my summer jollies!

Much Love,

Hollie xxxx

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Wedding Dress Inspiration: Jim Hjelm Spring/Summer & Fall 2012 Collection

Good Afternoon All!

Today I thought I would share with you a dress designer that caught my attention whilst browsing the LoveMyDress blog {you guys should check out their daily wedding inspiration!} There was a wedding on there that I truly adore and is everything I would want my wedding to be as I am a rustic country chic theme lover, heres the link… see what you think {that so didn’t mean to rhyme I promise} 

Anyways, this particular bride in question was wearing a Jim Hjelm, I personally had never come across this designer before so it got me curious. So here is what I found {including a black option which is definitely an acquired taste} I love the photographic set up as well, very feminine. Which is your favourite?

Black wedding dress? Maybe not my taste but I’m sure somebody out there would dare to wear this interesting colour!

Lucky for you North Eastern Brides there is a Newcastle Stockist if these designs tickle your bridal tastebuds:

Accent Bridal Shop

3 Mosley Street
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear

Email: enquires@accentbridalwear.co.uk

Telephone: 0191 222 0033

What do you think? I’d love to hear some feedback!

I’ll be back on Sunday for more wedding treats!!!

Much Love,

Hollie xxxx

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